Business Profile

Bassendean is in the centre of the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Perth. The Eastern Region has a resident population of 315,000 and provides employment for 124,500, approximately 17% of all employment opportunities for Metropolitan Perth.

The combination of excellent infrastructure, idyllic lifestyle location and a track record of strong return on investment means Bassendean is attractive to a wide variety of companies.

Shaun Campbell Trendtastic

Coming to networking events in the town of Bassendean allows us to open our eyes up to what other businesses exist. There are so many home-based businesses that you don't see on the High Street. Meeting up allows us to discuss cross-promotion opportunities. I think that's great for growing all businesses in Bassendean.

Shaun Campbell, Trendtastic


Industry in Bassendean ranges from heavy steel manufacturing, precision engineering or video editing and production through to garden supplies and large-scale catering services. There are over 400 businesses operating in 30 industry categories in Bassendean.

There are some operations like Ben Ludlow Auto Repairs who have been operating for more than 65 years with three generations all working in the business while others like New York Stock Exchange-listed organisation Weatherford Laboratories who opened their office in November 2010 to service the mining industry and strengthen their network of 38 locations around the globe.

Our surveys reveal that over 25% of all businesses have been established in the area for 10 years or more. This is a testament to the consistent services and good facilities that are all part of running a successful enterprise available here in Bassendean.


Excellent facilities and infrastructure with ideal location and lifestyle.

According to local businesses when asked what were the benefits and reasons for establishing in Bassendean they said it came down to a blend of the facilities and infrastructure aligned with its location and lifestyle. Our proximity to the transport corridors: rail and road were mentioned by 54% as a primary reason for doing business here in Bassendean. Our proximity to the customer base rated strongly for 35%, the central location of the Town of Bassendean sealed the decision to be located here for 26% of respondents and 12% specifically mentioned proximity to the airport as important.

However, the social and lifestyle considerations were equally important to our business people. 60% of respondents said they thought “the people” that live here was one of the strengths of Bassendean. This was closely followed by the Community spirit where 38% thought it was really important, followed by the natural attractions, history and the river as key reasons for basing oneself here.


Looking after customers from Bassendean

Servicing your customers is the primary task facing every organisation. The excellent transportation corridors and communication facilities in Bassendean makes looking after customers, wherever they are easy.

There are no reported black spots in the internet system across the Town. The EMRC and the Town of Bassendean have maintained a strong advocacy supporting the rollout of the NBN in the Eastern Region.

As shown in the graph below, Bassendean industry has one-third of their customers in the immediate area of Eden Hill, Ashfield and Bassendean, 24% is across Greater Perth and 44% is across the state, across Australia and across the world.