Economic Vision

Economic Development is a priority area in the Town of Bassendean Strategic Community Plan (2017- 2022).

Two core objectives are to build economic capacity and to facilitate local business retention and growth.

These objectives support the overall vision for the Town – “Building a connected community, developing a vibrant and sustainable future, built upon the foundations of our past”

Town of Bassendean Economic Vision

Digital Business Marketing Strategy

Bassendean Business is the “brand name” for the Town of Bassendean Economic Development department. It was launched with the web site in 2010 and superseded in 2018 by

The web site is the primary communication tool for economic development activities of Bassendean and a significant repository of valuable economic data and links to external data for business owners and investors to use for their own commercial needs. In addition to the web site, communication, promotion and publicity for economic development occur on the Town of Bassendean Facebook page, the Old Perth Road Markets Facebook page plus the standard print brochure the Bassendean Briefings.

This Digital Business Marketing Strategy sets out new ideas focussed on boosting economic and commercial activity, encouraging new businesses to launch and increasing the level of engagement for local business. This strategy presents these as three goals:

  • Cultivate - build strength in existing local businesses
  • Create - seed locally-grown entrepreneurs & businesses
  • Captivate - capture hearts and minds to attract new business migration

Without excluding the larger and established businesses of the Town this strategy places the emphasis on new enterprise, community engagement and technology where the Town has greatest influence and impact.

Four initiatives will position the Town to encourage and advocate for local business and embrace entrepreneurialism:

  • Brand Bassendean: A contemporary, authoritative business brand to encourage strong participation in Bassendean's programs and increase the perceived value of running a business in Bassendean.
  • Digital Opportunity Awareness: Telling business about the technology and digital tools available to make them more efficient and more profitable. The Town will educate business owners and residents about digital opportunities that facilitate living, learning and working in Bassendean, to drive new businesses and activity.
  • Digital Business Improvement: Business improvement can deliver outcomes on many levels. Using business networks and digital technology, Bassendean can facilitate business improvement and foster resilience while educating local businesses on learning from each other about business productivity tools (such as the NBN), coaching and mentoring.
  • Bassendean Business Website: An upgraded website for businesses in Bassendean to provide a focal point for business information and resources, a new business directory and information about events.

Industrial Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy incorporates a Commercial Strategy and an Industrial Strategy. (Pages 30 – 39)

Industrial Strategy

The Industrial Strategy examines the very diverse mix of business and lot sizes within the industrial zone, located generally north of the railway and west along Collier Road.  Maintaining the diverse mix of industries and lot sizes is seen as critical to the long term future of the industrial zone.  The Industrial Strategy addresses the need for a suitable interface between industrial and residential land uses, and the promotion of Collier Road as the central spine in terms of its traffic function and commercial exposure.  The strategy further seeks to facilitate the remediation and development of the vacant industrial land planned as “Tonkin Park Stage 2”.

Commercial Strategy

The Commercial Strategy confirms the Bassendean Town Centre as the primary commercial retail and civic centre of the municipality.  It promotes the “Enquiry by Design” initiatives for the “main street” pedestrian retail area adjacent to the railway, whilst also ensuring that the overall importance of the Bassendean Village Shopping Centre is not undermined. The Bassendean Town Centre is divided into three (3) distinct sub-precincts, each having a different but complimentary function that contributes to the overall vitality of the town centre.  The other commercial areas dispersed beyond the Town Centre are contained as local centres only.