Are we there yet?

The results of the business survey are in and they make for interesting reading.

The survey was part of our research into gathering an up to date database of businesses in the council area. There are approximately 700+ businesses and 300 completed the survey.   So just under half on the database. And the breakdown of them was as follows

  • 4% were sole operators
  • 43% employed 1-4 employees
  • 38% employed 5-19 employees
  • 15% employed 20+ employees

The top four industries were

  • 21% were in retail
  • 12% were in construction
  • 10% Manufacturing
  • 8% in Food and hospitality

The summary results are available here.

The survey investigated three elements: Technology uptake, Staffing and assistance and Networking. These are central elements to being in business and in the case of technology and staffing they are the high cost elements as well.

We asked businesses – “How strongly do you anticipate that your business will be impacted in the next 5 years by technological changes?” While 40% believed technology would have a strong impact, 28% believed it would not impact on their business.  The “right” answer according to the current research is that technology will impact 100% of businesses.

Another interesting result was in the learning, training and support area. We provided a fairly comprehensive list of 18 organisations or programs that are active in this area and 23% of respondents replied that they knew none of them and 36% had not used any of them.  This is concerning as it can be reasonably interpreted to mean that these businesses are operating all on their own.

And in these challenging times we all need support.

The Town is a facilitator and advocate in economic development and through this survey we can identify the strengths of the area, what it means to live and work in Bassendean and we also can see some of our weaknesses and our challenges. The information in this survey will be used to frame the activities of the Town to provide support and assistance where it is most needed.

We would welcome your comments and views.