Bassendean Festival Header

This year, our festival will be bigger than ever! Consisting of nine events in eight locations, spread over six days, we’re exploring all that Bassendean has to offer in hospitality, industry and professional services. 

Please find below the full program. Join us for talks, tours, exhibitions and a scavenger hunt to celebrate Bassendean’s vibrant business community.

02 Cafe & Bar, Old Perth Road

6.00pm-8.30pm | Networking Event

Our opening event will see the unveiling of a portrait exhibition by local photographer Holly Twine that features the images of many local business operators.  Mayor Renee McLennan will officially launch the festival and our MC for the evening will be Ron Bradfield Jnr, of Yarns R Us.

There is a story in every business and we'll get to hear many of them at this informal and relaxed networking evening.  We will introduce several of Bassendean’s energetic, clever and talented business people and you will have the opportunity to mingle with them while viewing the exhibition.

The cover price includes a glass of wine or beer, or a soft drink, and finger food.

Photographer Holly Twine
Facilitator Ron Bradfield Jr
Music Acoustic set by local musicians Colleen and Paul Williams - Duo de la Pace on piano and cello.

Cost $10.00 pp

Nail Brewing, Collier Road

1.00pm-4.00pm | Factory Tour

Local brewer Nail Brewing will open its doors to local operators, entrepreneurs and beer lovers, and reveal how the company’s iconic beers are crafted.

Guests will meet the proprietor, tour the factory, and hear of the significant hurdles Nail Brewing has faced and overcome in a talk titled ‘Never Give Up’: all while sampling three Nail brews.

Two groups (each comprising a maximum of 15 persons) will enjoy a 1.5-hour tour of the facility. Tour one will depart at 1.00pm and tour two at 2.30pm

On returning to the Bassendean Hotel, you will be offered a complimentary Nail beer.

Host John Stallwood, Director and Chief Brewer

Cost $10.00

Although this event is now Fully Booked, you are welcome to be added to the Eventbrite Waitlist for this Tour (in case of any last minute cancellations.)

Bassendean Hotel

6.00pm-8.30pm  | Networking Event

This is a very special opportunity to win a serious business support prize.

The Town of Bassendean has secured around $20,000 worth of prizes to help saleable and marketable ideas become a reality.    Three great business minds including Simon Loader, Chief Executive, AXITO will adjudicate the submissions.  If you impress the judges be ready to revise, reorganise and hang on!  Your next step in business could be massive.

All shortlisted submissions will receive mentoring on how to make a great pitch.  This alone will build your confidence and open doors in the commercial world.

Held in the back room of the Bassendean Hotel, we're going to have an energetic and enthusiastic evening.

Full details on prizes, how to enter and cut off dates can be down loaded here

Facilitator Patrick Eijkenboom

Cost Free

Catalano's Seafood, Collier Road

11.00am-12.30pm | Factory Tour

Catalano's is an institution for many across Bassendean.  Long established, this family business has grown and expanded into the retailer sector. 

Meet the proprietors David, Nick and Mark and hear how they reorganised and reorientated their business into the power house it is today.  We will view their operations in full swing where seafood is received and prepared for sale. We will learn about their capacity for Innovation and reinvention in a rapidly changing and highly regulated and competitive industry.

There will be samples cooked during the presentation and opportunity to purchase some products.

Hosts David, Mark and Nick Catalano

Cost Free

Hofmann Engineering, Alice Street

1.00pm-3.00pm | Factory Tour

In the 50 years since Hofmann Engineering commenced operations in the family’s backyard, the company has endured against the odds and grown.

This tour of the factory floor will reveal the staggering scale of its products.

Hofmann’s success is the result of many factors, including diversification and competitiveness, but it can be most attributed to delivering the highest standard of precision engineering in the world.

The tour will be followed by an interactive discussion with Hofmann family members and a complimentary afternoon tea.

Host Erich Hofmann, Chief Executive Officer

Cost Free

Bassendean Ideas Hub, Old Perth Road

6.45pm-8.45pm | Discussion Panel. 

The depth of artistic talent in Bassendean rivals Fremantle and here we get to meet and listen to some of our greatest.  

Each of these artists are succeeding against various challenges, and their art is warmly welcomed, and sold both locally and around the world.

Come along and listen to the artists in a panel discussion, and then join the Q&A session to discover how they keep evolving and true to their art.

Facilitator Amanda Kerr
Panel Members
Richard Wainwright, NGO Photographer and Filmmaker
Peta Renzullo, legally blind Filmmaker and Musician
Nami Osali, Children's Creative
Paul Caporn, Sculpturist and large scale Muralist

Cost Free

Although this event is now Fully Booked, you are welcome to be added to the Eventbrite Waitlist for this Tour (in case of any last minute cancellations.)

Old Perth Road 'Local Business Scavenger Hunt Tour'

10.00am-1.00pm | Family Event

Take selfies with proprietors and follow cryptic clues in a treasure hunt along Old Perth Road - families, friends, singles, couples and groups.

Register below, then bring your friends and family to discover interesting and unique facts about our local businesses. You will also be in the running to win prizes.

Participating Businesses include Holly Raye's Cafe, 02 Cafe, The Wellness Place, 8 Napkins Burger, It Takes a Village, Spotted, To The Woods, Bassendean Medical Centre and many more.

Facilitators Daniel Amato, Kim Veale and OPR Collective.
Judging Venue Town of Bassendean Ideas Hub, Old Perth Road
Prizes Combined vouchers donated by participating businesses

Cost Free

Upstairs, Dome Cafe Bassendean

10.00am-12.30pm | Discussion Panel

Grab a complimentary coffee and settle down for a wonderful, inspirational Sunday morning.

This will be a feast of wisdom from several founders, organisers, lateral thinkers and dreamers: all of whom operate local businesses and are filled with passion for the planet, and for Bassendean especially.

With a focus on ‘sustainability’, each of our speakers has created a business that balances profit with purpose. They are all making a difference to the planet and so can you. Come and find out how.

Facilitator Gabriel Fillippi
Panel Members Amanda Welshbillig & Jeannie Richardson, Wasteless Pantry
Petra Richardson, Spotted
Reija Hurry & Katie Matthews, Packed Lunchbox
Jane Genovese, Learning Fundamentals

Cost Free

Cork & Bottle Small Bar, Old Perth Road

3.00pm-6.00pm | Networking Evening

Bassendean is a dynamic commercial enclave of Perth with a special combination of community, collaboration and creativity. The local businesses display astute risk taking, great commitment and agility. 

This is a final get together to offer our appreciation and congratulations to the many businesses that have participated in the festival.

It will also be a second opportunity to view the Portrait Photography Exhibition which we have relocated from O2 Cafe

Facilitator William Barry
Music  Peter Renzullo duo.

Cost Free