Council Notices

What makes a great place?

This is a question for all local governments in ensuring their communities are vibrant, inclusive and connected. Providing an integrated and holistic approach to ‘place planning’ is one of the key shifts in a new management structure at the Town of Bassendean. A new Community Planning section has been created to deliver a multi-disciplinary approach…

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Supporting Our Local Businesses

The Town of Bassendean, in a bid to support local businesses and those seeking guidance on starting a small business would like to better understand your requirements. In conjunction with the Small Business Development Corporation, the Town will host a series of free workshops designed to assist our local community, based on demand. Topics range…

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No time to read? No time to walk? No time to play?

Smart Busy is a program that looks at how we can be better at being busy. It’s about creating a life of less stress, less exhaustion and less frantic running around. It’s about more happiness and more time for the things you enjoy doing. It’s 1.5 hours a week for 6 weeks to help you…

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Successful Tendering

Local Governments contribute significantly to the local economy and your business can benefit from this lucrative opportunity. Alison Maggs from the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) will present how local businesses can become more competitive to win Local Government contracts. She will also be presenting on how to become a WALGA Preferred Supplier and what…

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Calling all local businesses . . . .

Can you help the Town of Bassendean recognise the dedicated volunteers in our community? The kind and self-less act of volunteering plays an intricate role within the community in a variety of ways.  They remain largely invisible but undoubtedly your friends, family or even yourself have benefited from it in the last twelve months.  They…

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Business and more ~ some useful titles from the Library

Step out to the library and walk around the business section! You will find inspiration, advice, and experience stories.  You can avoid the traps, gain insight and maybe meet some like minded people down at the library. Here are a few titles suggested by Renata, Library Manager.  And what’s more there are many ebooks available…

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Staying the Course


The idea of Localism has really resonated with our community. In many ways our community wrote the book. They have strong cultural values, they value personal service and they’re passionate about our environment. A prominent personality in our Bassendean Localism book is Keith Howlett, the proud sole proprietor behind Country Style Butchers at 34 Old…

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Collier Road closed at Tonkin Highway 16-19 February

The next stage of construction on Collier Road and Tonkin Highway will include removal of the temporary roundabouts on the Collier Road bridge. Works will also include final asphalting, line-marking and commissioning the traffic lights on the bridge.

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Localism and the Town of Bassendean

Localism Strategy Discussion Paper Town of Bassendean

The Town has spent the last few months researching and writing a whole new business support strategy.  And one of the things to come from this research has been a discussion paper on Localism.  Localism is associated with a range of ideas from economic, social and other perspectives, including: buying local, locally produced food, local business investment, local education, local culture and stories and local entrepreneurship.

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Four-day closure of Collier Road 12 – 17 January 2018

Collier Rd Diversions 2

The final leg of road construction for Collier Rd with the NorthlinkWA project will be happening this weekend!  This will involve building of two roundabouts on Collier Road and opening up the on and off-ramps from the Tonkin Highway. On completion, Tonkin Highway will transform to a freeway with six lanes and traffic will become…

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