Marketing and Good Business Ideas

Town of Bassendean Global Walk for Water

Create a team of your workmates or friends and get involved. This is a ready-made opportunity from local identity Brendan Parker (formally with Swan Districts FC) to support World Vision to help create clean water in developing countries. At 3.30pm, Saturday 11 May a 6km walk (or run) will snake through the streets of Bassendean…

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Locks, Lighting, Layout

Break-ins are very scary.  If you walk into your own business and find damage done, equipment destroyed it is distressing and costly.  There have been too many of them happening here in Bassendean. While you cannot make your premises break-in proof, there are steps which can be taken to minimize them and reduce their impact…

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Bassendean Steps up for Mental Health Week

A couple of weeks ago, Daniel Amato from Step into Life decided we need to show support for Mental Health Week. So he decided to make a video and 2000+ views later he’s managed to connect to a wide audience about this very important issue.  He’s also uplifted all of these businesses who volunteered to…

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Share your Space and Promote your Services

The Bassendean Hotel is doing it and a growing number of small places are using their vacant indoor or outdoor spaces to earn some extra $$’s through a new start up: SpacetoCo. SpacetoCo is a platform for the short-term hire of community spaces. It’s free to list as many spaces as you like. SpacetoCo works…

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No time to read? No time to walk? No time to play?

Smart Busy is a program that looks at how we can be better at being busy. It’s about creating a life of less stress, less exhaustion and less frantic running around. It’s about more happiness and more time for the things you enjoy doing. It’s 1.5 hours a week for 6 weeks to help you…

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Successful Tendering ~ Version 2

Following the evening presentation in May about tendering by WALGA we are delighted to support this full day workshop delving into the detail. Tenders are used by all State Government departments and in Local Government. While they appear to many as tyrannical and burdensome they are required to keep contracts transparent and efficient. Many believe…

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Staying the Course


The idea of Localism has really resonated with our community. In many ways our community wrote the book. They have strong cultural values, they value personal service and they’re passionate about our environment. A prominent personality in our Bassendean Localism book is Keith Howlett, the proud sole proprietor behind Country Style Butchers at 34 Old…

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First, de-escalate

It’s very difficult to reason with someone if their hair is on fire.  Customer service (whether you’re a school principal, a call center or a consultant) can’t begin until the person you’re working with believes that you’re going to help them put out the fire on their head.

Basic principles worth considering. . .

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It’s been a big year . . looking forward to 2018

Christmas 2017

This year has passed in record time and we will soon be into January. 2018 Refresh At the top of the list, we are planning a refresh of BassendeanMeansBusiness web site.  Assisting us to do some of the ground work we recently had the good fortune to work with local university student – Sally Leavy. …

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Small Business Health Program

Help Small Business

Are you a small business owner with plans to grow your business in 2018?  Bankwest’s Small Business Health program developed in collaboration with the Small Business Development Corporation and Business Foundations, aims to provide specialised support on critical business skills.  The program will enhance the financial capability and personal resilience of small business owners who…

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