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Fuse Design and Communication is a boutique home-based studio dedicated to providing excellence in design, production and print management. Established by Paul Roberts and his artist wife Stephanie in 1998 under the name Staircase Design, we call upon over 30 years of industry experience.

Our particular expertise lies in the field of written word design. A background in journalism has given Paul an innate understanding of the power of the written word and the importance of designing strong communication solutions. The design must entice the audience to engage with the work and it is with this in mind that every project is approached.

We work for a variety of exceptional clients who appreciate our dedication to quality solutions, friendly easy-going approach and our outstanding coffee!

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Business Hours:

Open all hours!! But seriously, 9 to 5 ideally but when client projects need to be finished, late nights and early mornings are part and parcel of the gig!

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21 Cyril Street Bassendean

9279 9146 or 0402 907 940


Fuse Design and Communication

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Paul Roberts