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Improve Productivity using Digital Tools & Services

If you are a small to large business owner you can boost your business productivity by using digital tools and services. The availability of these digital productivity tools is exploding in both quantity and scope. Cloud-based tools and services are available to help your businesses in many ways, including the provision of digital infrastructure, support for your core business processes such as sales, customer, accounting and supply chain management.

Benefits For Home Based Business

As a business owner in Bassendean, you can apply digital productivity tools and services, to improve your business efficiency. You can learn about and adopt these new practices and technologies through the information sharing programs run by Bassendean business networks.

Active involvement by the Town of Bassendean is strengthening these local business networks in order to assist home-based and small business to improve digital productivity. This is happening through:

  • facilitating knowledge sharing
  • seeding discussion
  • building strength through local business networks

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Digital Opportunity Awareness

Take Advantage of New Digital Opportunities

Businesses in Bassendean - from existing through to prospective startups – can benefit from education about the opportunities presented by digital change.

A Digital Opportunity program will help existing business in technologies that;

  • will build capacity
  • be more productive
  • extend their business model to new markets.Resources may be shared to help businesses assess and improve their digital marketing for local, national and global audiences

This program combines face-to-face events (such as presentations, workshops, think tanks) for some of the curriculum, to help build collaboration and networking activity within the local Bassendean business community and digital education materials (email groups) to deliver the program. The curriculum is being sourced by referencing thought leaders globally, nationally, locally.

Topics that help flag new startup businesses in Bassendean will be addressed, including highlighting the opportunities and benefits of starting and running a business from Bassendean.

While not the sole focus, the program will integrate with digital localism, exploring the many opportunities available to start locally-focussed businesses using digital tools and marketing.


How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

This is a four hour workshop spread over two consecutive saturdays. It is especially for people who want to explore ideas, harness their creativity and build their own side business.

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