Coaching & Mentoring

Self Coaching Group

Bassendean Business Network is an informal group that meet regularly for an informal coffee or breakfast at one of several cafes in the Town centre of Bassendean.   

The people who you will meet are mostly micro business owners (up to 4 staff members). 

Many work at or from home.  And they are in a range of industries including professional services (e.g. financial, medical, engineering), tradespeople, online retail, digital technology, arts and more.

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If your business is ready to expand and go to the next level, a mentor must be an expert in that new market or product where you are seeking to grow into. The entrepreneurs programme from AusIndustry is specially set up to provide personal expert advice for businesses with a turnover or operating expenditure in excess of $1.5m.

The free service offer a Business Evaluation and then ongoing support to prepare a business action plan.

Business Mentoring

The concept and practice of mentors is alive and well. It fits young entrepreneurs and mature entrepreneurs, Similarly, mentors are both old and young. There are different mentor services depending on where you and your business is at. If you are starting out, if you have been operating for a few years and you feel you are stagnating or you are proceeding well but want to make a big leap into a new related service or into a new market place. The essential value of an advisor or mentor is that they’re external to the business. They’re objective and not influenced by the day to day issues which are blocking the clear thinking needed to assess the business.

The Small Business Development Corporation offers excellent start up advice and support. Their office at 140 William St is chock a block with advisors, courses, manuals and they’re all geared towards making you succeed.

If you feel you are stagnating in your business the mentor best suited is a more personal choice. You must trust them implicitly where you’re able to share confidential information and also be open to accepting advice and suggestions which may not be part of some long held views! The choice of mentor should be closely related to your industry. If you are in this situation consider attending CCI Events.

CCIWA are a membership based industry body representing the full spectrum on industries in the state.

Their regular breakfasts, sundowners and seminars are held to encourage information sharing and to facilitate links and networking.

Business Coaching Programs

Find out about business coaching options to build your skills

The 21st century economy is the sharing economy. A central element of the sharing economy is coaching along with collaboration, agility, rapid deployment, on-going learning. With shared work spaces, crowd funding and investment angels, coaching has emerged as not just a method to enhance your knowledge but to build connections and customers.  It fits early stage businesses.

Consider joining Silicon Beach Meetup group and attend Spacecubed events. Or look at angel funding options through Perth Angels.

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