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Opportunities For Residents

Digital technologies are transforming opportunities for business. They are also transforming opportunities for individuals. The Town of Bassendean has a major objective to provide opportunities for residents to become lifelong learners, in particular capitalising on the rollout of the NBN.

Digitally-Enabled Job Opportunities

Improved awareness will help individuals understand and address the expanding range of digitally-enabled job opportunities. Accordingly, digital opportunity awareness fosters digital careers and home-based business startups in Bassendean.

Digital Careers

Students, youth and other cohorts have opportunities in the digital world to learn skills.   Digital qualifications are available from Australian as well as international providers including universities, open universities, and commercial training providers. The Town of Bassendean is aiming to explore how it can help educate residents and businesses about these opportunities.

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Shaun Campbell Trendtastic

Coming to networking events in the town of Bassendean allows us to open our eyes up to what other businesses exist. There are so many home-based businesses that you don't see on the High Street. Meeting up allows us to discuss cross-promotion opportunities. I think that's great for growing all businesses in Bassendean.

Shaun Campbell, Trendtastic