Bassendean Business: At the Heart of Localism

Localism In A Nutshell

Local communities worldwide are discovering the business benefits of localism.

In Bassendean, we are fully embracing it.

So what is localism?

Localism is a deliberate strategy where local enterprise and local people support each other. Individuals who spend locally find that there is more employment closer to their homes. They spend less time commuting. They eat fresher produce. Their children find work and entertainment closer to home. Local businesses flourish which in turn creates a vibrant shopping environment.

An increase in local engagement builds stronger community ties. This opens up an opportunity for a wider cross-section of residents to participate. Communities become safer, more prosperous and more resilient.

Local business profits from a loyal and friendly customer base.

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Festival of Local Business

Bassendean Festival of Local Business 2018

Businesses support each other in Bassendean. If one of us is doing well by bringing in people, all the other businesses benefit.

Steve Fletcher, The Old Trout

Localism In Bassendean

The term ‘localism’ can mean different things to different people. For the Town of Bassendean, localism will be what the local people decide it will be.

Localism is associated with a range of ideas from economic, social and other perspectives, including buying local, locally produced food, local business investment, local education, local culture and stories and local entrepreneurship.

“Localism is grounded in the belief that relationships matter, most. The way we interact with where we live — who we do business with — how we connect with people, other life, the land — all of it matters... Localism can start with the simple commitment to buy local — keeping your dollars where your heart lives. It also means supporting your community to identify, launch and grow the businesses that are needed to serve your community. Taken further, localism encompasses our relationships with the people who grow our food, offer local goods and services, and invest in our enterprises.”

BALLE - The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies - bealocalist.org

Think global, act local

Patrick Geddes

“...localism supports local production and consumption of goods, local control of government, and promotion of local history, local culture and local identity.”


“... economic development might bring a community more jobs, more wealth, a larger tax base, and greater prosperity. Consumers might enjoy more and better goods and services. More business might get started and become more profitable... if we focus the field on growing locally owned businesses, we could increase the effectiveness of economic development and reduce its price tag”

Michael Shuman, The Local Economy Solution

“... localism is about building communities that are more healthy and sustainable — backed by local economies that are stronger and more resilient. Localism is about building the New Economy, right where we live. The result is more wealth and jobs per capita, and greater personal accountability for the health of the natural and human communities of which we are a part. The goal is real prosperity — for all.”




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Live, Work & Learn in Bassendean

Bassendean is a beautiful place to live, to grow a business and to raise a family.

This is a place you can breathe. It is green, close to the river, and is a connected community.

Localism in Bassendean

What would a localism initiative look like in Bassendean? What would be the costs and benefits?

If localism has a place in Bassendean, how would the initiative be defined and planned?

Input is invited from businesses and residents on these questions.

What local economy initiatives might be considered in the Town of Bassendean? The following areas may provide a useful framework for discussions, planning and initiatives.

  • Local Purchasing: increasing the local purchasing of products and services by residents and businesses (‘buy local’).
  • Local Procurement: increased sourcing of products and services from local businesses by council/government.
  • Local Indigenous Business: fostering the awareness and growth of indigenous participation in business, including commerce, arts, culture, language and education.
  • Local Entrepreneurs: increasing the level of local entrepreneurship by educating people in how they can start or participate in businesses that serve local needs.
  • Local Jobs: increasing local employment by encouraging ‘Employ Local’ and other policies.
  • Local Investment: building awareness of opportunities for businesses to access localised investment funding, including education about crowd-sourced equity funding.


The target benefits of these initiatives would be to strengthen existing businesses, increase local business turnover, create local jobs, strengthen relationships between residents and local businesses, encourage the launch of new businesses and encourage the migration of businesses into Bassendean.