Your Bassendean Business StartUp

Starting a business is exciting. You are most likely to succeed if you're informed and connected. Your local community can help and The Town of Bassendean is keen to connect you with that support.

Here are some options for you as you launch your start-up.


  • Find Peer Support: Join the self-coaching startup group

    Bassendean Business Network is an informal group that meet regularly for an informal coffee or breakfast at one of the many cafes in the Town Centre.  

    Bassendean Business Network Facebook
  • Find a Mentor: Apply for a local business mentor

    If you are starting out in business a mentor may be helpful. You might want to make a big leap into a new related service or into a new market place. The essential value of an advisor or mentor is that they’re external to the business. They’re objective and not influenced by the day to day issues which are blocking the clear thinking needed to assess the business.

    Find A Mentor
  • Get Advice: Small Business Association

    The Small Business Development Corporation offers excellent start-up advice and support. Their office at 140 William Street in the city. It is chock a block with advisors, courses, manuals and they’re all geared towards making you succeed.

    Small Business Association
  • Get Inside Knowledge: Meet Bassendean's Economic Development Adviser for a coffee

    This can also be your starting point for seeking assistance on where to get advice and or finding out the latest trends.

    Book An Appointment
  • Express Interest: Join the email list so you can stay in touch with news, events, training

    Find out about local business news, networking events and training programs.

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  • Get Listed: Register for a free listing in the Bassendean Business Directory

    Spread the word about your business with a free listing.

    Register Your Business
  • Engage As A Volunteer: Be active in your community

    Assist young people to achieve their goals by supporting the RYDE program. 

    Volunteer Your Time
Shaun Campbell Trendtastic

Coming to networking events in the town of Bassendean allows us to open our eyes up to what other businesses exist. There are so many home-based businesses that you don't see on the High Street. Meeting up allows us to discuss cross-promotion opportunities. I think that's great for growing all businesses in Bassendean.

Shaun Campbell, Trendtastic

If you are operating a business that is based in Bassendean or a surrounding suburb, you can get listed in the Bassendean Business Directory.

A free listing for your business gets your business name, phone, email and website address in front of local people.

Fill out this drop-down form to create your website accounts. You'll then be sent an email to fill in your directory listing.

If you need any assistance please contact us.