War on Waste

The Council ban and State Government legislation explained.

In March the Council passed a Notice of Motion to directly reduce single use plastic in the daily lives of our residents. It means the Town is now preferencing vendors at our events that use environmentally friendly items in their food preparations and services.

The decision was strongly endorsed by the community. In fact we have found many local businesses are already taking direct action to reduce plastic use in the operations.  We feature them further down the page here.  If you want further information on their experience and the challenges they have overcome they would welcome your enquiry.

This new momentum rides on the State Government ban on single use plastic bags. This legislation is very specific in banning plastic bags of 35 microns or less,with handles.  Therefore the bags used for holding loose vegies for example, which are less than 35 microns but do not have handles are exempt and will continue to be available.

Although the legislation applies to under 35 microns, retailers should be  careful of using 'barely compliant bags'.  According to the National Retailers Association the manufacturing process for bags causes varing thickness in a single bag and the legislation does not allow any lee way.

The legislation has a 6 month clause allowing businesses from 1 July 2018 to 1 January 2019 to use up old stock. Fines will apply after the 1 January 2019 for commercial outlets found to still offer these types of bags to their clients.  Full details can be found here (www.der.wa.gov.au)

On this page you can find information that the Town has researched into groups and associations who are active in this area  and suppliers of resources and alternative products.   We list ideas to help households transition to a low plastic based environment.

We know it is a challenge for business. There are costs involved, competitiveness, sourcing, and reliability issues. It's a challenge to households too, changing habits and taking extra effort to recycle or compost.

We believe change can be achieved in small steps. It is a joint effort by Council, residents and business to all play our part.  Together we can tackle the needless plastic and non-biodegradable products that are used in our everyday lives.

Are You A War On Waste Warrior?

If you are a local business and have implemented changes in your operation to reduce your dependency on plastic we would love to hear from you.

Why not join your colleagues and share your information?  We have prepared a set of simple questions here. Please complete these and send it in to us here.

We will continue to promote and highlight those businesses who have begun to make changes in their operations.

In partnership with the State Government, the National Retailers Association have created an excellent resource in preparation for the State Government Legislation.

They have rolled out a full engagement program including workshops, fact sheets and a toll free hotline.

They offer advice for all types retailers plus customers

There is an interesting report on their site concerning "Barely Compliant Bags" which should be essential reading for all operators.

They have all the frequently asked questions with succinct answers.


Changing Habits

The task we are facing is a challenge shared across the whole community.

We’re not trying to force people against their will but wanting everyone to see it as our joint responsibility. Its about starting a community conversation around this topic and its about changing habits. It then becomes a personal way of life and comes naturally and the adjustment is easy.

A number of organisations are active in this area.  They offer resources to encourage and support change.  Here are some links to their sites.

Plastic Free July

Originating in the western suburbs of Perth in 2011 Plastic Free July now has a following of millions from the four corners of the globe. As a foundation they have a wealth of resources to eliminate plastic from daily use.  They have many programs for schools, community groups and organisations to introduce behaviour for the month of July in the desire that they become a habit of a lifetime.

Plastic Free Noosa

Noosa is a long way from here but their community spirit is very close to ours. They were very quick to notice our Councils decision and to reach out to us and offer support.

Plastic Free Noosa is a community project to reduce Noosa's plastic footprint. They have been in existence for many years and have built up strong partnerships to create a highly efficient campaign connecting to the community and to the local businesses. The Bassendean Sustainability Committee is striving to develop a strategy based on their model of Communities Taking Control.

Boomerang Alliance

The Boomerang Alliance is an alliance of many environmental groups.  It is Eastern states based, but has alliances with groups on this side of the country (Plastic Free July, Conservation Council WA).  There are over 40 separate groups under the Boomerang Alliance umbrella. These separate groups retain their own independence and opt in or out of campaigns developed by Boomerang Alliance.

The Boomerang Alliance is supported by the Total Environment Centre (another organisation!).  The TEC has been established for over 40 years. It is involved in the full diversity of environmental issues.  It looks and feels like Green Peace.

One of the groups in the Alliance is Boomerang Bags. This is a global group with obvious Australian roots. There are communities here in Perth (Nooranda and Dianella) and they make shopping bags from recycled material. The idea is that their bags are available to borrow from shopping centres.  You use when you arrive and you drop them off the next time.  We are developing links with them and there is a possibility to establish a community here in Bassendean.



It can be difficult to source the right products - there is a lot of misleading information out there. On top of this, we know you're busy and want the transition to be as quick and easy as possible!

To help, we are working with a number of local and online suppliers.  They offer products that are not just 'green washing', but actually are fully compostable. You can follow the links, to be taken to their websites. 

Please note: we do not recommend one supplier over another, and there are many other suppliers that also have suitable products. Please choose a supplier according to your needs. Ensure you are always purchasing 100% certified compostable products. If you have any doubts or questions about a product, feel free to contact us for advice

Based on our doorstep on King William St. Bayswater, Environment Hse has been established for over 20 years.  They are supported by volunteers and are involved in many diverse aspects of sustainability.  They stock a variety of items like keep cups, Onya Drink bottles and metal straws.

Tasty Pear

The Tasty Pear in Hawaiian Bassendean Shopping Centre is a treasure trove of sustainably produced merchandise.  And in addition they stock some alternative items which will reduce the plastic in your business or your home.

Other Suppliers

BioPak - (www.biopak.com.au)

A wholesaler totally focused on reusable, sustainable  products

Eco Party Box (Adelaide) - www.ecopartybox.com.au

A wholesaler totally focused on sustainable products as well.

FPA Australia (Malaga) - (www.fpaaust.com.au)

Ask for Biochoice products

Fremantle Packaging Supplies - (www.fremantlepackagingsupplies.com.au)

Click on Products and Environmentally Friendly.



"The emerging shift away from plastic is a great development for mankind, and something we wanted to be a part of."

When we started our lunch delivery business, biodegradable packaging was a top priority. We are really proud of our packaging, particularly as stamping our logo on the unbleached kraft board further reduces the need to have plastic coated stickers. We also avoid clingwrap and minimise disposables in the kitchen. The idea that plastic lasts longer than us on this planet is scary.
Reija Hurry and Katie Mathews


"The More We All Do, The More we All Benefit"

We have introduced great changes to the deli.  We’ve introduced paper bags free to our customers and we are now moving onto bamboo trays for our rolls.  Our food waste goes to local people for their chooks and our coffee grinds go into composting. We also have our own fresh herbs and some vegies for the seasons in our back garden.

The changes have come quite naturally and the staff adjustment was easy.

Jeff, Bec, Tiffany, Jess and Jacqui

Duck & Hunter Vintage

“It's how we started out and always mean to continue.”

Since opening in Bassendean in August 2017 our ethos has been to save the planet one preloved piece at a time. We offer locally made and sourced produce bags, tote bags, wax lunch wraps and personal cutlery rolls. We've only ever used recycled shopping bags, bubble wrap and other wrapping donated by our customers. We also have our free Community Chest where you can take and/or donate items to share (e.g., clean jars, egg cartons, old magazines, tins, lemons etc.).
Natalie Marshall-Brown

“If You Can Avoid Producing The Waste In The First Place This Is Better Than Trying To Manage It After The Fact.”

We are constantly looking at ways of reducing plastic in particular and waste in general. We have eliminated all single use plastics from the front of house which includes going to paper straws.

We have always believed that a minimum impact waste policy is the only way to truly tackle our ever growing problem in the environment.

We Decided To Go to Paper Carry Bags As Both Of Us Are Concerned With The State Of The Planet

Plastic bags are clogging up our seas and waterways. They are having a terrible impact on birds and fish.  We wish to have a small imprint in the future environment, and we join with others to make a larger influence.

Paddy and Nuccia Sims

Small Steps All Make A Difference

In 2017 we collaborated to support Plastic Free July and ever since we have been reducing the plastic usage across the hotel both out the front and in the back of house.

Doing Our Best For The Environment 

Our “Own Cup” policy encourages customers to bring their keep cups and receive a discount.  We use paper bags, wrapping and environmentally friendly containers for our take away items. Paper straws will be introduced and we will soon sell steel straws to encourage a no straw policy.

Michelle Glass and Lewis Clark, O2 Cafe, Bassendean


Paper From The Beginning

We decided right from the beginning four and a half years ago to provide our customers with paper bags, and fully recyclable gift wrapping paper.  We also stock reusable straws, coffee cups, food wraps, water bottles, and shopping and produce bags ... with more reusable products in the works.  Every little bit helps!

Julie Fazey, Daisy & Rowe, Bassendean

I’m A Fisherman And I See Too Much Plastic In The Ocean

We started the business in 2017 and from the start we avoided as much plastic as we could.  We have only biodegradable packaging, we use a local supplier for our environmentally friendly chemicals. We offer 50c off if you bring your own cup and if you don’t have one we have them available @ reasonable price to purchase.

Our environment is fragile and we need to look after it.

Need for Feed, Ashfield

No More Plastic Plates

In our busy coffee shop we use a lot of disposable items.  We noticed that we could make a big difference to reduce how much goes into landfill.  We now only use paper based burger containers and biodegradable coffee cups.  We will soon use environmentally friendly disposable knives and forks.

Robert Ha, Xpresso Lane Cafe, Bassendean

From 100,000 Plastic Bags To Zero

We have already stopped providing plastic bags which ultimately end up in landfill, or polluting our streets, parks and beaches. 

We now offer reusable bags and cardboard boxes that can be recycled to reduce their impact on the environment. We encourage our customers to bring their own carry bags with them when they shop with us. 

At Ida Street Supermarket we are very community focused and very environmentally focused.   Ida St Supermarket, Eden Hill