So you’re working from home?

crochet treesYou will already be well aware that we’re bringing some fresh vitality to the town centre in Bassendean.  And we’ve had some wins, especially on the stretch between Guildford Rd and Wilson St on Old Perth Road.

We’re now also looking at tackling the vacant shops and working with the landlords on new and alternative leasing and letting arrangements.

We recently approached one of the landlords and discussed offering vacant premises out for one month licences at a time. The reason for a licence is that it is a more flexible agreement which suits both the landlords and tenants than traditional leasing arrangements.  The flexibility offered through this system was ‘invented’ and very successfully trialled in Newcastle, NSW where the organisation “Renew Newcastle” was established to manage this success.  And this organisation has grown further to launch Renew Australia.  Renew Newcastle are strong supporters of us here in Bassendean and gave us full access to the Licence legal documents, which formed the basis of their success and it was these documents which we showed to the landlord on Old Perth Road.Renew newcastle logo

The landlord was very interested in the idea and we told him that there are many home based businesses in this area who would consider setting up in a vacant shop if the conditions are right.

What we’re talking about here is like Pop Up shops which are being seen all over the country, but this is a little more low key.  It requires very little capital outlay and large amount of volunteer and in-kind outlay.  It can start with just allowing the shop window to be used through to allowing the shop itself to be used for a short time.

There is only a small if any monetary gain to the landlord initially but an active shop is easier to fill then a vacant shop, and of course, it is also hoped that some of these short term shops will morph into permanent and flourishing long term retail phenomenon’s!

If you’re a creative type like artists, designers, performers, musicians, craftspeople and maybe you’re working from home, we’d like to talk to you.  We can explain the process in detail and then we’ll go back to the landlords and float the idea to give it a go.  Email the Economic Development Officer at the Town of Bassendean (go to About and Contact Us)

Click on this link here to read about what they’re doing in Melbourne.