Solo Endeavours

If you are thinking of starting a business, thinking of striking out on your own or if you are running a business now – make time to join your ‘community of entrepreneurs’ on Thursday 29 May.

Thursday, 29 May “Solo Endeavours” will be Presentations, a Workshop, an Expo and Networking and it is directly targeting all those courageous souls in business for themselves.

There is a definite trend emerging of a dissatisfaction with corporate dominance in everyday life and diminishing ‘humanity’ in business which appears to be driving people to go out on their own.  As one business coach expressed it “People are reaching for their own businesses because they are fed up with the current way corporations are run. We are pulling apart the larger companies into entrepreneur driven smaller, more flexible groups. The result is smarter problem solving and a sense of community where all involved profit from the results.”*


Click here to find out more of the presenters. Click on the links below to visit the web sites of the organisations which they head up…

* (Annabelle Drumm, Creative Business Coaching)