The State of Startups – insights and highlights

Here in Bassendean we’re supporting startups at every opportunity.  Recently we attended the State of Startups at City of Perth.  Our own Dave Kelly MLA as the Minister for ICT & Innovation; Science, opened the event and was followed by presentations from Techboard, StartupMuster, StartupAUS, and eGroup.

Minister Kelly began his presentation cleverly comparing the State Government’s first twelve months in office and startup life – “full of ideas but no money, the classic definition of a startup”. With a focus on initiatives that are likely to create West Australian jobs, the Minister provided further updates on the Government’s New Industries Fund.

You can read more about it here.

This was followed by presentations from the co-founders of Techboard and StartupMuster, the CEO of StartupAUS and Chairperson of StartupWA. Highlights from their panel discussion included:

  • Andrew Outhwaite reiterating the value of data collection, evaluation and mapping of ecosystem growth; and encouraging everyone to keep paying it forward – “whatever we can do to collaborate and increase the likelihood of startups and founders getting the support they need”.
  • Peter van Bruchem advocating for more visibility and sharing – not just raw data, but also startups’ stories “to encourage and enable others to achieve what they might not otherwise have been able to achieve”.
  • Monica Wulff’s challenge to the whole startup community to take our story mainstream, highlighting the globally-scaleable businesses we build, and how they are going to benefit Australia in the long-term – “change the narrative, tell your stories loudly and proudly”
  • Alex McCauley on the importance of connectedness – not just within spaces and local communities, but across states and the whole nation.