What makes a great place?

This is a question for all local governments in ensuring their communities are vibrant, inclusive and connected. Providing an integrated and holistic approach to ‘place planning’ is one of the key shifts in a new management structure at the Town of Bassendean.

A new Community Planning section has been created to deliver a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainability, economic development, community development, strategic town planning, place planning and management.

In recognising the value and importance of creating great places for the future, the Town’s CEO, Peta Mabbs will recruit shortly for two key leadership roles to drive the new section.

‘Whilst the Town has focused on these key elements in the past, this new way of working is designed to deliver improvements in environmental, social and economic outcomes for the Town’, said Ms Mabbs.

Recruitment for a new Director Community Planning and Executive Manager Place Planning will occur in July 2019.

The Town no longer has an Economic Development Officer. However, the Town’s commitment to economic development has not diminished.

While there is value in many of the projects undertaken to date, we are seeking innovative approaches that affect real long-term prosperity for the local economy. Changes are taking place in the Town, in partnership with the residential and business community, and State Government. Some of the work underway includes:

• Activating dormant land parcels to generate foot traffic and vibrancy which will bring more activity and support local business
• Involving the Town’s Planning and Development Services at ground level and encouraging developments that will create and promote increased foot traffic throughout the whole Town
• With the new structure, integrating strategies that promote and generate economic prosperity into every part of the Town by incorporating into everyone’s job role.
• Engaging community views, including business. For example the Town, supported by consultants Creating Communities and Collaborative Place Design, has launched BassenDream Our Future, a community engagement project to develop a vision for the future of Ashfield, Bassendean and Eden Hill. Feedback will inform the new Local Planning Strategy.