Would your company benefit from an IT intern?

You can get help through NIT Professional Year Program’s unpaid IT internships.  NIT Australia is an accredited provider of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and as part of their Professional Year Program, NIT students are required to complete an IT internship (unpaid) for 3 months to gain work experience. The host companies:

  • Must be a registered company
  • Must have an office suitably located and accessible; professional office or shared workspace (i.e. not home office)
  • Do not need to be an ICT based company, but must support and provide the experience & placement relevant to the intern’s field of expertise
  • Are quality audited to ensure it meets the minimum standards; and understands the quality procedures for all aspects of operation including WHS.

And the benefits for host companies:

  • Access to an IT-qualified person to complete tasks/projects at no cost to the organisation.
  • Opportunity to introduce diverse perspectives and fresh thinking to the organisation.
  • A cost-effective way of assessing potential new recruits for the organisation.
  • Contribution to the development and growth of an IT graduate.
  • Contribution to the WA’s IT workforce development.

has successfully partnered with placements at an array of organisations including Western Power, City of Joondalup, Ignia, Austal Group, HBF and Freo Group.  For further information in hosting interns please contact Karine Suares, A/ Internships Coordinator via ksuares@nitaustralia.edu.au.

P.S. Insurance cover is provided by NIT.