Your knowledge is in demand

TAFE colleges turn enthusiastic students into successful graduates, and an essential ingredient to their technique is engaging with industry. They work hard to ensure the skills of the students are just what they need when they get out to the real world.

There’s an opportunity right now where you can share your wealth of expertise and knowledge with new migrants at TAFE who are looking to establish businesses as a way of finding employment.

Michelina Vinci from North Metro TAFE attended the Festival of Local Business and has written asking if some of our wonderful local business owners might be a guest speaker to talk to her adult students.

These guys are startups and want to acclimatize to how we do business here. The classes are held in Northbridge and Leederville up until June 30th.

But it all depends on how generous you are to offer this time. . . .?

More details available here and here

Contact Michelina directly at michelina-dot-vinci-at-nmtafe-dot-wa-dot-edu-dot-au